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  • "I love VetCompanion. Love the value it brings... it helps keep me current, provide the best medicine, and quickly refresh my memory and reassure me of clinical decisions. Your innovative, informative, and practical product provides a unique and useful tool for practitioners... regardless of when you graduated from veterinary school. You have a great product. Keep up the great work and thanks again for developing this resource."
    Dean Tyson, DVM
    Veterinary Medical Center
    Easton, Maryland
  • "I love the overall layout of VC — it's super easy to find information, far superior to a textbook, even if a textbook comes with a CD or an online version. VC topics are organized very, very well — it's easy to find what I'm looking for."
    Juan Diaz, DVM
    Banfield San Antonio, TX
  • "As the content of VetCompanion has expanded, my use of VetCompanion has steadily grown. I enjoy the consistent, concise and thorough application of its design to accessing clinically relevant information, trusting that it is up-to-date. I appreciate the inclusion of the level of evidence, and references included at the end of each monograph. VetCompanion is a game changer and I'm happy to have been an early adopter while watching its growth!"
    Howard Gittelman, DVM
    Animal Medical of New City
    New City, NY
  • "I love having VC, and the fact that you keep it so current makes it my most meaningful reference."
    Asta Tobiassen, DVM
    Peninsula Pet Hospital
    Gig Harbor, WA
  • "I feel that VC provides the most intensive and thoroughly sourced info. on many... important topics of veterinary medicine today. Always looking for the new topics added and what VC brings to it for a more complete understanding."
    Current VetCompanion User
  • "We use VetCompanion to show the clients what is current, preparing them for what they may encounter when we refer them to a specialist. We also use it to counter what misinformation they may have gleaned on the internet."
    Current VetCompanion User
  • "I have found your site to be extremely helpful. I like the format, and really like that you include articles on the subject where available. Your site is concise and thorough."
    Dr. Kate P., Massachusetts
  • "Service is amazing! Loving VetCompanion."
    Dr. Steve K., New York
  • "It is ESSENTIAL that every new graduate have VetCompanion once they start working. Books just don't give you that instant access, and VC has all the studies that I can show my clients, confirming I'm up-to-date on all the latest evidence."
    Michael Dibler, DVM
    Banfield Winter Springs, FL
  • "I work with many practices. One of the great challenges is getting all practitioners on the same page. I see VetCompanion as an excellent resource to allow a veterinary group to create standards of care within a practice group without the anxiety of a battle of opinions. VetCompanion can be the deciding vote. I am very excited veterinarians now have this resource."
    Debbie Boone, BS, CCS, CVPM, President
    2 ManageVets Consulting, LLC
    Gibsonville, North Carolina
  • "I'm excited about the potential of VetCompanion to help students learn how to effectively practice evidence-based medicine at point-of-care for small animals. VetCompanion covers 835+ clinical and drug topics and is free for veterinary students. I'm looking seriously at an institutional subscription starting with the next budget cycle so clinicians and staff will also have access. By subscribing to VetCompanion, the library is supporting the College in meeting the AVMA COE requirements for Standard 5, Information Resources added in 2016: 'The program must be able to demonstrate, using its outcomes assessment data, that students are competent in retrieving, evaluating, and efficiently applying information through the use of electronic and other appropriate information technologies.' Practice using VetCompanion, at first in problem-based learning cases in years 1-3, and then during the 4th clinical year, will give UTCVM graduates working with small animals the ability to contribute to practice quality and efficiency from day one. Thank you to Suzanne Fricke, DVM, MLIS at Washington State University for letting me know about VetCompanion. (March 2017; COI: I have no relationship with VetCompanion other than facilitating the subscription at our university.)"
    Ann Viera, MLIS, Veterinary Librarian
    Pendergrass Library
    University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • "VetCompanion has totally changed the way that I have approached 4th year clinical rotations. It is formatted in an easy to read and understandable way where I can get the information that I need quickly and reliably. Thanks for providing a resource that is not only easy to use, but extremely informative and up-to-date!"
    Krista Canfield
    4th year medical student
    Texas A&M