Students, Interns, and Residents

VetCompanion provides complimentary subscriptions for all students, interns, and residents in the veterinary profession... our commitment to veterinary education.

Complimentary Access for All Students, Interns, and Residents

  • VetCompanion is the perfect companion for any student, for both the didactic and clinical portions of your training.
  • In a survey of students, the two resources most commonly used were journals and textbooks.
  • 80% reported they are likely to use an electronic information resource in lieu of textbooks in the future.
  • The very nature of VetCompanion's methodology involves the synthesis of important journal articles and guidelines, along with review of applicable textbooks for pertinent background information.
  • Thus, VetCompanion covers the resources you use most frequently, doing the hard work of monitoring the literature for you.
  • Information is current and up-to-date, mobile-optimized for instant access on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. It's that easy!

At VetCompanion, we are committed to helping students, interns, and residents become the best veterinary professionals they can be. Thanks to our free subscriptions, VetCompanion is assisting the future of the veterinary profession in preparing for clinical practice in the 21st Century — by learning to use the most advanced methodologies and technologies, students, interns, and residents will be prepared to provide the highest quality care. VetCompanion is a dedicated partner in promoting experience with digital clinical decision support tools and evidence-based veterinary medicine — the future of veterinary medical care.

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Your free subscription will stay active until shortly after you graduate. Then, recent graduates are eligible for a significant subscription discount.

Currently, VetCompanion formulary content access is limited for free users, due to licensing restrictions. However, we do offer the option to pay a nominal $29 annual fee to activate full formulary access. If you choose this option, the cost of your fees will be credited back to you in the form of an increased subscription discount during your first post-graduate year.

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